Belkin Tri-Fold Folio protection à rabat pour tablette (F7N319BTC04)

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Belkin Tri-Fold Folio - Protection à rabat pour tablette - tissu durable - mélanger en rouge - pour Apple iPad Air; iPad Air 2; Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7 po), Tab S2 (9.7 po)

This ultra-thin and versatile cover offers a tailor-made approach to device protection. Retractable corners mold to your device for the ultimate made-to-measure fit, ensuring protection when not in use, and a secure hold when folded into a stand. With multiple viewing angles and full camera access, you can switch effortlessly between watching movies, taking pictures, and sending messages.The Tri-Fold Folio is made of durable, lightweight fabric that's super soft to the touch, and perforated for a luxury look and feel. Retractable corners mold to the shape of your tablet for an incredibly tailored fit. A velvety smooth inner lining keeps your screen safe and cushioned.The Tri-Fold Folio has been designed to complement every feature of your tablet, including the camera. A dedicated camera flap allows you to take pictures without removing the case.


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