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Telework: which printer for use at home?

You work from home systematically or regularly and you need to be able to print documents? To find the most suitable printer model, it is important to take the different criteria into account. Here an overview. Imprimante home office : guide d’achat

Inkjet printer: an adapted choice for telework

Usually, the choice of printer depends on the expected printing capacity (number of printed pages per month). But with telecommuting, the printing capacity is not a major requirement, as you are the only one using it. In the context of professional use for telework, the inkjet printer is an excellent choice. Why?

  • Because an inkjet printer is as fast as a laser printer
  • Because an inkjet printer offers an excellent resolution
  • Because an inkjet printer allows you to save 50 to 80% of energy
  • And because an inkjet printer has generally a lower purchase price !
Imprimante jet d’encre à réservoirs rechargeables

Multifunctional inkjet printer with refillable ink tank (Epson EcoTank ET-4750)

Imprimante jet d’encre avec cartouches individuelles

Multifunctional inkjet printer with separate ink cartridges (Epson Expression Premium XP-6100)

The price of the printer and the refills

When we talk about the price, 4 important criteria have to be taken into account: the purchase price of the printer, the cost per page, the budget for the ink and the price of the paper.

The purchase price of a printer is fixed, and depends on the various functions available, your priorities and the budget made available by your company.

The cost per page, on the other hand, is calculated in the following way: the purchase price of the refills is divided by the number of pages in standalone use, for example: 50 € / 560 pages = 0.089 € for a printed page. Please note that the number of pages may vary according to the print settings (sketch, standard, high definition), the printed documents (texts or photos), or the type of paper used.

Ink costs : to optimize the use and profitability of your cartridges, it is best to choose a printer with separate cartridges for the colors or opt for a cartridge-free printer with an ink tank (Ecotank). This way, you can change them individually and save a lot of money, as not a drop is wasted!

The price of the paper: a printer for double-sided printing allows you to cut the budget for paper almost completely in half.

For telework, we advice you a multifunctional printer

Smartphones may at first sight be useful for sharing a booked document or a signed contract in a neat and quality way, but nothing beats a real professional scanner. So choose a multifunctional printer that allows you to print, scan and copy at the same time.

In addition, a memory card reader (SD, SDHC, etc.) and/or a USB port can also be an extra asset if you want to print files, without the intervention of a computer. For the same reason, some printers are equipped with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print or Mopria Print Service technology, allowing you to print directly from your smartphone.

Give the preference to printers with WiFi Direct

At home it is advisable to use a printer with a wireless connection for aesthetic and practical reasons. This way you don't have to hide an ugly cable and you also keep your workplace nice and clear! If you are not sure between two models with WiFi connection, choose the printer with WiFi Direct.

  • The traditional wifi printer is only available when there is a connected modem in the room at the same time.
  • The printer with WiFi Direct allows you to connect different devices without depending on an external modem.

Choose in a home office for a silent and compact design printer

The noise: in contrast to an office printer, which can be placed separately in the corner of the room, the printer is usually on a table next to you when teleworking. If you print regularly, you should also take the "noise" of the printer into account: choose a printer that does not exceed 48 Db. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to have a headache by the end of the working day every time.!
Imprimante jet d’encre multifonction silencieuse pour télétravail
The place: if you work from home, you sometimes have to deal with a lack of space. Your desk is usually not large and you may share it with your children or your spouse. So the choice of printer largely depends on this factor. That is why manufacturers are now also proposing more and more models that are both performance-oriented and compact.
Imprimante multifonction à réservoirs rechargeables
The design: depending on the room in which the printer is installed, the physical aspect must also be taken into account. Printers usually look like bulky black or gray blocks, but fortunately manufacturers are now also offering more and more models with a neat, refined and sometimes colorful look. Of course, the aesthetic appearance of a printer is not the most important criterion, but at home it does count.
Imprimante jet d’encre design à clapet
In short, you should ideally opt for a multifunctional inkjet printer with wifi. Prefer a compact and silent model, but also keep the global budget (price and cost of the fillings) in mind. Good luck with teleworking! !